SCARECROW VIDEO – World’s Largest Independent Video Store

World's Largest Independent Video Store 'SCARECROW VIDEO'

Video stores are virtually dead, and with Blockbuster going away and little independent video stores closing down all over the country, it’s not hard to imagine that one day there will be none left.

We all spent our childhood going through movie isles and selecting movies for the weekend or any other occasion we for me it’s always picking the right V/H/S for the occasion but it’s still the best time of my life to do so renting movies and making plans to watch it with my favorite snacks.

SCARECROW VIDEO – World’s Largest Independent Video Store

Here is a short documentary for you to check out today that was produced by /Film‘s David Chen called Inside Scarecrow Video.

It focuses on the largest independent video store in the world. The store holds 117,000 video titles, and is “revered and admired, counting filmmakers like Bernardo Bertolucci and Quentin Tarantino as previous visitors.” Here’s are some technical details on the doc for those of you who are interested.

A revealing look inside Scarecrow Video, the largest independent video store in the world. Filmed using a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and a Black Magic Cinema Camera, along with a Polaroid camcorder handheld rig and a Manfrotto 561 Video Monopod. Audio captured using a Sennheiser wireless microphone plugged into a Zoom H4n.

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