XBOX 720 Revealed

xbox 720

Ok yea, we know what you are thinking. More XBox rumors keep releasing almost every day. But now it seems that many of these latest rumors may have some validity.

First we should start of with the fact that gaming website, VG 24/7, has confirmed that the next XBox will be out by Christmas 2013. They are citing partners that have revealed to the website that Microsoft has already communicated this date internally and to developers.

Makes complete sense, being that Microsoft said there would be no next generation XBox announcement made at E3 2012. So more than likely this will happen at E3 2013, and announcing the very soon thereafter date of Christmas 2013. Also goes hand in hand with Sony rumors circulating that their next system, codenamed “Orbis,” will be out around the same time.

  • Here are the other latest rumors: 
  • Coming from multiple sources, the next machine will have two GPUs
  • Will include a Blu-Ray drive
  • Graphic cards will be an equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs
  • There will be four or possibly six cores for the XBox CPU, one of which will be reserved for the Kinect and another just for the OS
  • Will require constant internet connection, to aid the system’s anti-piracy measures
  • Kinect will be built into the system
  • System is highly unlikely to have any technology which would prohibit use of used games
  • There you have it, that’s the latest rundown of rumors. Most notably to me at least, would be that the Kinect will be built into the system. Now this does make sense that they would do this, I only wonder how big this new system will be. Being that the Kinect has to usually sit above your TV, how would one mount that big massive system above the TV? Or perhaps they have update the Kinect in such ways that it wouldn’t matter where you position it, as long as it has a clear line of site to you? We shall find out.

Do you think these latest rumors will hold true, or is there something else you want to see in the new system

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