Xbox Features No Man’s Sky Prisms, Warhammer Skulls And More

Warhammer Skulls

Major Nelson has unveiled a new episode in the ongoing This Week On Xbox series this week giving more news about Necromunda: Hired Gun, celebrate Pride, and the new No Man’s Sky Prisms update brings with it lots of improvements and new features for gamers.

“Whether in the depths of space, on synthetic structures or on organic planetary life, everywhere you look there are now stunning details like reflections on your spacecraft, more detailed caves, enhanced lighting in space stations, realistic water and weather effects, and even more variety with fur on creatures and pets!”

Do check out the video below to see some more games and updates coming to the Xbox.

Check out some of the features and improvements coming out in the No Man’s Sky free Prisms update include:

– Volumetric Lighting – New styles of volumetric lights improve the lighting in a number of areas, including starship and vehicle lights as well as environmental effects.

– Warp Effects – The audio and visual warp effects have been completely reworked for a dramatic new interstellar experience.

– New Caves – Caves have been completely reworked, with new lighting effects, more detailed environments, and a greater variety of generations.

– Parallax Occlusion Mapping – New parallax occlusion mapping technology brings extra texture detail and depth to planetary structures and the Space Anomaly.

– Star Effects – The variety, quality, and a number of stars in the sky have been significantly improved.

– Improved Rain Effects – Rain effects have been significantly improved, bringing storms to life in a new way. As the rain continues to pour, the ground and other objects in the world become slick and coated with water.

– Improved Torch Visuals – The Exosuit torch now benefits from improvements to its visual effects as well dynamic brightness and positioning improvements.

– Refractions – New lighting technology brings refractions to No Man’s Sky. The new effects can be seen all over the universe, including on glass base parts; starship cockpits; forcefields, and more!

– Space Station Core – The Space Station hangar has been dramatically overhauled for a brand new visual experience.

– Creature Fur – Fur has been added to a wide range of planetary creatures, bringing both extra variety and extra fuzziness to exploration and companion taming.

– ExtraPlanetary Details – Players on PlayStation 5 will see a dramatic increase in planetary detail across a whole range of environments.

– Screenspace Reflections – PlayStation 5 players will find reflections and improved lighting quality in the Space Anomaly, space stations, Atlas stations, freighter hangers, derelict freighters, and more for PlayStation 5 players.

Source: Major Nelson

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