Xbox Game Pass Confirms 6 More Games for July 2023

Xbox Game Pass

Exciting news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers! Microsoft has recently confirmed the addition of six more games to the service in the upcoming weeks. Today has been a particularly thrilling day for Xbox Game Pass users, as Microsoft not only unveiled the games arriving in the first half of July 2023 but also surprised fans with the inclusion of one of the highest-rated video games ever created.

The latest update to the Xbox Game Pass lineup introduces two additional games for subscribers to enjoy. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is now available across Xbox consoles, the cloud, and PC, offering an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 5, a beloved and critically acclaimed title, can now be accessed through the cloud and consoles. While Sword and Fairy: Together Forever had been announced beforehand, the addition of Grand Theft Auto 5 to the Xbox Game Pass library came as a delightful surprise for many.

While Grand Theft Auto 5 may be receiving most of the attention from Xbox Game Pass subscribers, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the six other games set to join the service in the coming weeks. On July 6, McPixel 3 will be available via the cloud, consoles, and PC, presenting players with an intriguing puzzle-solving experience. On July 11, both Common’hood and the PC version of Insurgency: Sandstorm will make their way to the Xbox Game Pass library. Then, on July 14, subscribers can eagerly anticipate the release of the highly anticipated day one game, Exoprimal, which offers an exciting blend of PvEvP (Player versus Environment versus Player) action set in a world of dinosaurs. Furthermore, Techtonica will be available as an early access title on the same day, giving players an opportunity to dive into this thrilling adventure. Finally, on July 18, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the classic game, The Cave.

To summarize, here is the list of the new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2023:

  • Sword and Fairy: Together Forever (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – Available now
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – Available now
  • McPixel 3 (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – July 6
  • Common’hood (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – July 11
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm (PC) – July 11
  • Exoprimal (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – July 14
  • Techtonica (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – July 14
  • The Cave (Cloud/Consoles) – July 18

Among these titles, Exoprimal stands out as the highlight. Developed by Capcom, this brand-new intellectual property offers an experimental PvEvP shooter experience, where players compete against each other to complete objectives and fend off massive waves of dinosaurs. One of the game’s main attractions is the ability to witness an astounding number of dinosaurs simultaneously on the screen. With Capcom’s recent successful releases, there is a chance that Exoprimal will be a surprise hit.

Furthermore, there are two other games to look forward to in July 2023, although they were not included in this particular announcement. The Wandering Village and Venba, both day one releases, are scheduled to join Game Pass on July 20 and July 31, respectively. Additionally, it is likely that other yet-to-be-announced titles will join the lineup in the second half of July 2023, further enhancing the gaming experience for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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