Xbox is Streamlining Their UI and Releasing a New Mobile App Very Soon


Xbox is hard at work to streamline its user interface. They are making things easier to read and pretty to look at, but they’ve also made it a lot quicker. The Home screen now loads very fast when you boot the console up and when you go home from a video game. In addition, there’s now one tab in the Guide where you’ll discover your Parties and Chats.

There is another new Xbox mobile app that is getting ready to release to further the social relationships between gamers. Clips and updates will be shared with your smartphone automatically for you to then share it on social media. This app will also let you send messages, start parties, and check notifications where ever you are on the screen.

All of these developments will be made to all Xbox apps and gadgets soon. No specific date has been given, This is one amazing way to create unity with the upcoming Xbox Series X when it hit the stores in November. You can get a closer look at Xbox Wire and in the video below.


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