Xbox Mini-Fridge Will Come Into Production Very Soon

Xbox Mini-Fridge

Xbox has won a Twitter battle with Skittles, which means Xbox fridges–well, mini-fridges–will go into production and they will become a reality, which is really cool! And I want one so bad. The race was very close, but Xbox won by a 50.5% to 49.5% margin.

Microsoft took home the prize as part of Twitter’s “Best Of Tweets” competition that celebrates brands that have a powerful social media game. Skittles and Xbox made it to the finals, and Xbox beat Skittles and took the crown.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg asked his followers to vote for Xbox by pledging to make Xbox mini-fridges a real deal if Microsoft won the contest.

The first Xbox mini-fridge that comes off the production line will go to Skittles, Greenberg said, which is a friendly thing to do.

Now, the tech company had already said it was already preparing to create Xbox mini-fridges as a real product that you can actually buy. But this is the first time that Microsoft is agreeing to release the Xbox mini-fridges as a real product.

The Xbox mini-fridge meme came about when people start roasting the Xbox Series X for looking like, well, a refrigerator. Microsoft countered and accepted it, yes, it does look like a fridge and went as far as to create a working Xbox fridge and send them to influencers like Snoop Dogg and The Rock, which in turn created a lot of buzz for the brand. Those were full-size fridges!

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