Xbox New Dashboard Coming Out Soon

Xbox New Dashboard

Recently, Xbox announced that they are working on improving the new Xbox Home UI that is currently being tested by some Xbox Insiders. The Xbox team has recognized that there has been feedback from users who feel that the new dashboard is overly crowded, and they are looking to improve this in the future. As a result, current experiments with the UI have been paused in order to implement these upcoming changes.

While exact details about what the new updates will entail have not yet been shared, Xbox has promised that they are working diligently to address the concerns of their users. The new Home UI is designed to provide players with a more streamlined experience, with quicker access to the games, apps, and features they use most frequently. However, the feedback from users has shown that there is room for improvement in order to achieve this goal.

With the release of the new Xbox Home UI, users have access to a new navigation system that is designed to be more intuitive and customizable. This allows players to easily access their favorite games and content, as well as discover new titles that they may be interested in. However, the current version of the dashboard has been met with criticism, with some users feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and options presented to them.

Xbox has assured users that they are committed to improving the user experience, and that upcoming updates will focus on simplifying the Home UI and making it more user-friendly. While the exact changes that will be made are not yet known, it is clear that Xbox is listening to the feedback of its users and is working to make the Xbox experience even better. Fans of Xbox can look forward to these updates and the improvements they will bring to the new Home UI.

“We heard from you that the changes to the top of Home did not leave enough space for you to enjoy your backgrounds and that it felt crowded. We’re working to balance the experience, accessibility, function, and the needs of our community and bring you a great and refreshed Home experience.”

The Xbox Insider program is a community-driven platform that allows gamers to provide feedback and suggestions to Microsoft for improving the gaming experience on Xbox. The program has been an integral part of Xbox’s development process, providing valuable insights and ideas to help shape the future of gaming on the platform.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they will be rolling out new updates to the Xbox Insider program, which will feature a range of exciting new features and improvements. These updates will only be available to members of the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings of the Xbox Insider program initially, with a full public rollout set to follow later in 2023.

This move by Microsoft underscores their commitment to involving the community in the development process and ensuring that fan feedback is incorporated into the final design of the new UI. With this approach, Microsoft is able to gain valuable insights into what gamers want and need, helping them to create a better gaming experience for everyone.

Some of the new features and improvements that will be included in the upcoming updates are still shrouded in mystery, but one thing is for sure – gamers can expect some big improvements in the coming months. With the Xbox Insider program, Microsoft is working closely with the gaming community to create a platform that is truly reflective of the wants and needs of its users.


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