Xbox One S Gets Its Own Custom Laptop


Ed Zarick, who has laptopified virtually every single Xbox and Playstation ever, and even created an awesome Xbox One/Playstation combo laptop.

XBOOK One S is the smallest laptop mod on the market, with an 19-inch screen, which is smaller than the 22-inch screen used on earlier XBOOKs.

Display is only 720P resolution so it doesn’t support a 1080 res yet. According to Zarick, he was unable to source a 1080p screen at that size, let alone one in full 4K resolution.


It includes two loudspeakers pointed at the player, and is made entirely out of strong acrylic, in order to increase ruggedness and reduce weight.

The 500GB one goes for $1,495.00, and the 1TB version is a touch extra at $1,545.00, with shipping included separately. While international shipping will cost “much more”, the internal components are rated at 110/220v power, so there will be no need for a step-down converter.

Because Zarick makes them from scratch, prospective buyers will have to pay a $750 non-refundable deposit upfront to cover the cost of parts. It will take between two-to-three weeks, and possibly longer, to complete any orders received. So how many of you are ordering this important piece of equipment?

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