Xbox Revealed The Summer Games Fest Demo Event to Showcase Indie Games

Summer Games Fest

Xbox recently revealed a new gaming event that will be happening this month. Summer Game Fest Demo Event will be held between July 21-27 and feature a bundle of demos for independent games that fans will be able to experience on the Xbox One via the Xbox Dashboard. This is an event for many indie developers to show off their games that they usually would’ve shown at E3 and other events.

The event will feature 60+ demos which will include Skatebird, Cris Tales, and much more, all for free! Now, it should be seen that most of these games are not completed and therefore the demos may be showing very early versions of the game. This is fabulous though as gamers will be able to give constructive criticism to developers after playing these demos as well as sing the games’ praises. Xbox is currently thinking about hosting 75-100 demos during the event and will publish the complete list closer to the event.

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