Xbox Series S Price Leaked

Xbox Series S

Check out our very first look at the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s budget next-gen console that comes with the codename Lockhart. An image posted by Thurrott shows the console’s design and it also shows us the price point of $299. It’s not instantly clear where the image came from, but leaker WalkingCat released a short video showing off the same design in connection to the Series X. Analyst Daniel Ahmad also corroborated the picture, though couldn’t verify the price.

If they’re true, the leaks show a white console that looks just like to the Xbox One S, as the Series X does to the One X. It’s shown in a vertical orientation, though the rotation of the Xbox logo hints that may not be the original configuration.

WalkingCat’s video reveals that the Series S is much slimmer than the Series X, which should make it easier to fit under many TVs. The system seems not to have a disc drive. There’s a circular vent on the top of the console, like the One S, but here it’s colored black to highlight more.

Windows Central also reveals that the Series S will carry a $299 retail price but will also be available as a $25 per month Xbox All Access plan that’ll come with Xbox Live and Game Pass. The Series X, meanwhile, is said to be $499 at retail or $35 a month. Both consoles will be released on November 10th.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s comments on “the next Xbox consoles” and the Series X name’s implication of another series. The Series S name has already shown up in leaked controller packaging.

Series S will target around 4 teraflops of GPU performance, which in comparison to 12 in the Series X and 6 in the One X. Despite that comparison, though, this should be a far more capable machine than the One X. The Series S will benefit from the Series X’s hugely increased CPU power and SSD performance, meaning it’ll run true next-generation games, but the reduction in GPU power means it likely won’t output modern titles in 4K resolution. While the Xbox One X can run some Xbox One games in 4K, it won’t be able to play next-gen versions of games at all.

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