Xbox Unveiled Xbox Velocity Architecture That Will Hugely Enhance Game Performance

Xbox Velocity Architecture

Xbox has unveiled new information about the Xbox Series X that may seal the deal for many gamers. The new details are about the Xbox Velocity Architecture which is composed of the Custom NVME SSD, the dedicated hardware-accelerated decompression, the DirectStorage API, and the sampler feedback streaming. IGN got to interview Jason Ronald, who explained what all this means.

The SSD is designed to allow 40x the I/O throughput but sets a min level of performance to make sure things don’t lag a lot. The idea is to make sure performance is steady and fast. They want to move assets from the SSD to memory (RAM) for optimal performance.

The decompression is handled by the industry-standard LZ decompressor as well as an exclusive algorithm all about decompressing texture data. This likely leads to smaller download sizes, meaning your storage goes farther, and of course, smaller files means shorter download times.

This means you can possibly get to playing your new games quicker. The DirectStorage API is a new part of the DirectX family that will give developers control over how the I/O tasks are assigned and prioritized. This can be translated to virtually no load times, faster fast travel, and more. Finally, the sampler feedback streaming will help control which textures are loaded when. This helps reduce the I/O load and acts as a memory multiplier.

In the end, all of this interprets to overall awesome game performance and more opportunities for game developers.

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