Xenomorph Egg Planters If You Want To Grow Facehugger Plants

Xenomorph Egg Planters

Check out these awesome Xenomorph egg planters! They’re perfect for geeky enthusiasts who love unique and fun planters. Inspired by the Ovomorphs from the Alien film franchise, these planters capture the iconic design without any of the horrifying Facehuggers.

These come from BespokeGiftsStudio and they can be purchased for $20. This is the description that was shared:

3D printed Alien egg planters. With drainage! Two styles, style A is our interpretation of the original egg and style B is more styled after the later versions

I usually do a coat of glow in the dark so they are especially creepy at night. I know! It’s rad! … also really tricky to get a photo of so.. I hope you can tell in the last photo?

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