Xiaomi Created An Actual Transforming Tablet And It Is Not Expensive At All

Xiaomi mi pad 2

Xiaomi’s latest released it’s new tablet on Facebook yesterday. Shattered-looking tablet you see was developed with a lot of help from the folks at Hasbro.

Those surface breaks are there on purpose, because this tablet is an honest-to-goodness Transformer. Not a 2-in-1 one device that goes from a laptop to a tablet.


Hasbro really did an excellent job of mimicking the appearance of a real Mi Pad 2… as long as you don’t flip it over, that is.

The stereo speaker grills and camera are there, but detailing for the robot took precedence over a smooth rear cover. It’s an understandable decision when you consider that Hasbro was tasked with making what’s essentially a two-dimensional object transform into a fully-articulated, three-dimensional robot. Which, by the way, is a 30-step process.

Xiaomi mi pad 2

Xiaomi let fans buy one of these Transformers for as little as $26 on a crowdfunding site, and they blew way past their initial goal.

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