Yacht Charter Tips


Ordering a yacht charter is a simple but responsible task. It has lots of details and nuances. Our company has extensive experience in the yacht charters industry and is always ready to help you get the best from your trips. That is why we present you 12 ultimate yacht charter tips that will make your vacation super comfortable and memorable.


  1. To start picking out a yacht for a charter, define the number of people who will participate in the voyage. Most yachts have double cabins; however, some provide single accommodation as well.
  2. If you intend to visit distant islands and want to do it in a short amount of time, you should definitely rent a motor yacht.
  3. If it’s your first yacht charter and you are afraid of sea sickness, you should choose a catamaran as your mean of the maritime transport. Thanks to its construction, a catamaran does not swing as much as other ships.
  4. Sailing yachts are perfect for family trips but only with teenagers. If you plan a vacation with smaller kids, you should look for a motor ship.
  5. If you want to rent a yacht without a crew, you should check your skipper’s license for its validity on the territory of the country you travel to. It is easily done by the yacht charter company. All you need to do is to send them the copy of the document.
  6. If you don’t have the skipper’s license, get an experienced captain and take his advice. He will be able to show you the most beautiful places, best restaurants, and deserted beaches.
  7. Don’t forget to pack your passport (with valid visa if necessary), yacht charter contract, and medical insurance.
  8. Also note that if you sail the yacht yourself, this experience should be included in your logbook. Take it with you as well.
  9. Don’t pack large suitcases, especially if there will be more than two of you on the yacht. There won’t be enough space for much luggage. It is better to take sports bags that can be easily folded.
  10. If you plan to travel with kids, ask the company to put a safety net. It should be strained along the entire board to prevent your children from falling overboard.
  11. Moreover, plan your route beforehand and include aqua parks, oceanariums and other fun places your kids will enjoy visiting. You can also take some games and movies that will entertain your children while you crossing long distances between islands.
  12. If you travel without a personal cook, plan the cooking time beforehand. It should coincide with the time when the yacht is standing because when moving any ship swings a little, and it can turn the cooking process into a nightmare.

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