Yaya Han’s Sensual Machiya Photoshoot

Yaya Han

Check out these sensual set of images by Yaya Han (Check out more posts here and here) from the Machiya photoshoot in Kyoto. It’s an intimate portrait that was created by illuminating the subject with light seeped through the shoji in a darkened hallway. She amazingly did a vibrant fuchsia for the eyes and lips to pick up colors from the kimono. It is not historically accurate but its fun.


Insanely Hot Jessica Rabbit Cosplay by Yaya Han

The photo shoot is done in vintage kimono and while staying at a traditional Machiya house that is unique to the Kyoto area. It was very beautiful, and with the exclusions of modern amenities, this would feel like going back in time. She styled a casual Oiran inspired the look and photography, Brian.

Visit her Facebook page here or get the prints from her shop here.

Yaya Han Yaya Han Yaya Han

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