Yes, It’s Official Atari Is Making a New Game Console


Yes, the retro gaming icon is coming back to the gaming game.

Twenty-four years after the company put out its last home console, Atari recently announced that it will release a new console.

In an exclusive interview with GameBeats, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed that the New York company had big plans in the works.

“We’re back in the hardware business,” he said.

Last week, Atari launched a site for something called the Atari Box. The site featured a video of a wood-paneled something that could only be the Atari Box.

Chesnais only seems to have told GameBeats that the Atari Box uses PC technology. He also said they are still finalizing the design and will show it off sometime in the future. There is no word on what kind of games would be provided for it or how the development would work.

Atari led the market in home console adoption in the late 1970s and largely contributed to the video game industry’s collapse with its oversaturation of poor-quality titles. The company launched its last console, the sad-fated Jaguar, in 1993. The Jaguar was discontinued in 1995, selling only about 125,000 units — compare that with one of its competitors, the Super Nintendo, which sold almost 50 million.

Now we have to wait and see, what will once the gaming giant brings us this time.

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