You May Find New Content to Watch on Netflix by Using the Sub-Categories


We’ve all had those evenings where we sit on the sofa or in bed and figure we’ll watch something on Netflix. We then waste the next hour looking for something to watch before falling back in on an old TV show like The IT Crowd. Well, there’s a helpful tool that may help you find something easier.

When you load Netflix, the organization of content is exquisitely bad. Especially if you’re using something other than your computer to do it. The same 20 shows are shown to you even if they do not match your watching history.

However, let’s say you sit down and choose you to want to watch a Romantic Comedy. Normally, you’d be sifting through about 20 shows and movies that may or may not actually be rom-coms before realizing you’ve seen them all.

Well, if you use Netflix-Codes, you can find the secret category code for rom-coms and then you’ll be able to see a lot more that Netflix has to offer you. The one catch is that you need to use a browser in order to look at the codes instead of the app on your phone, TV, etc. However, you could potentially find it on your browser and then search for it in the app of your choice. A little more work, but you may get to see something new tonight.

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