You Will Be Shocked With The Prices Of Food And Drink At Wimbledon

Food And Drink

People on social media have been left stunned after tennis fans showed the enormous cost of food and drink at Wimbledon.

The world-famous tennis tournament has back with over 40,000 people attending each day, but it’s not just the action on the court that has the internet talking.

The eye-watering price of chicken and chips at the tournament has left social media users shocked.

The Twitter account Sport Scran has shown that a tray of chicken and chips with a side of coleslaw will set you back £11.

Twitter users were less than happy with the picture of the underwhelming tray.

One shocked user wrote: “That’s seriously overpriced.”

Meanwhile, other users were appalled by the size of the chicken. In one interaction, a user wrote: “That is the saddest chicken I’ve seen in a while.”

The tweet prompted a reply from another user who asked: “Where actually is the chicken?”

The underwhelming platter didn’t get the seal of approval from KFC either, as their social media team said: “Well that’s ruined my day.”

Another Wimbledon attendee also chimed in to share that their pint cost £7.10 and while most people were stunned by the price, one user added: “And he’s paid it.”

Others were so shocked by the prices they were seriously reconsidering attending the tournament next year.

“Thought to myself that I’d really like to go to Wimbledon next year and now performing a U-turn in my head after seeing this,” they said.

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