Young Kid Hilariously Slams Tim Burton’s BATMAN RETURNS


Check out this hilarious video clip from 1992 that recently emerged featuring Danny Slaski, a “junior movie critic” who absolutely slams the movie calling it “a total attack against kids.”

The video clip comes from an episode of Faith Daniels’ talk show, A Closer Look. In it, Danny said he didn’t like the movie because clowns and rubber ducks were being weaponized against kids in the movie. He also didn’t like the goop coming out of The Penguin’s face and Catwoman playing tic tac toe with her claws on a man’s face. He pushed the point home that it was just way too terrifying.

The awesome part of the video comes at the end when the kid is asked how many times he saw the movie. He responds, “I saw it twice to get a real good view of it.” That just had me bust out in laughter. It’s so hilarious, watch it below:

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