YOUNG SHELDON’s New Trailer Focuses on His Beautifully Weird Personality


A new trailer has released for the upcoming series Young Sheldon. I love The Big Bang Theory, But I am not sure how I feel about this prequel spinoff. This spot offers us our first look at Young Sheldon’s extremely silly personality like how he won’t touch his brother’s hand without mittens on and how his attempt at playing outside is pushing a tire swing once and then walking away.

The series follows the life of a young Sheldon Cooper as he navigates childhood in a football-loving, churchgoing, small town Texas family. I am excited and interested to see how young Sheldon got through life as a child in this environment because it’s hard to believe him in this kind of world.  I am sure this series will be a good watch, but only time will tell.

Young Sheldon is set to premiere Monday, September 25th.

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