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Internet Speeds

When it comes to online gaming, the speed of your internet connection matters a lot. Even the slightest of lag can turn your victory into defeat. That is why we recommend a fast internet service that can easily power your gaming endeavors as well as support other online activities. This begs the question, how fast should be your internet service? Due to the numerous internet providers in the market, many gamers are confused as to which internet connection is the best one for online gaming. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the top internet providers that offer consistent speeds with minimum lag so you can conveniently play games with your friends online. So, without further ado, let us get started!


What is a Good Internet Speed for Online Gaming?

Usually, when you see advertised speeds on a provider’s website, it is the download speed, which dictates how quickly your computer can fetch data from game servers. Most gaming consoles require a speed of 10 to 15 Mbps to run smoothly. Nevertheless, this is not the only factor. When playing online, upload speeds play a vital role in sending the information back to the game servers to display your command. Therefore, you need an upload speed of at least 3 Mbps to quickly send the data back and forth.


What are Latency and Ping?

Latency refers to the delay in sending and receiving data from the server. A number of factors including the speed of the connection, the distance that the information has to travel and the ability of your router to handle the data determine this delay. If your internet speed and router are not up to the mark, you will experience high latency rates, which would make it difficult for you to execute your commands on time, hence, you will not be able to play online properly.

Ping, on the other hand, is the amount of time it takes for the data to travel from and back to your computer from the game server. If your connection’s ping rate is more than 150 milliseconds, we highly recommend upgrading your equipment or maybe, look for a better internet service provider.


Does Data Cap Matter in Online Gaming?

Yes! Internet data is a crucial factor when playing online because this activity consumes a ton of data, especially if you are carrying out other online activities simultaneously such as streaming and downloading. Although most internet providers offer a data limit of 1TB, we suggest our readers go for an unlimited data plan so that they can continue playing games without worrying about their monthly usage. Moreover, if you end up using all your monthly allowance, you will have to purchase more data at an additional cost, which would add up to your internet bill. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for a provider that offers unlimited data with decent internet speeds. If you are looking for such a provider, check out Spectrum internet plans as they come with incredible internet speeds and unlimited data. In addition to this, Spectrum internet prices are highly economical, allowing you to enjoy top-notch services without becoming a burden on your pocket.


What Kind of Hardware is Required for Online Gaming?

It is true that the internet provider plays a major role in delivering quality service for online gaming, but the type of equipment you use matters as well. The first thing that you should take into consideration is your router. If you are using an old router, then you will not be able to enjoy high internet speeds even if you are subscribed to a higher-tier package. Therefore, install a good router that can handle fast speeds with consistency.


How to Enhance Your Gaming Speeds?

Professional gamers often tend to use wired connections for optimal gaming speeds. This way, the entire bandwidth is shifted to the computer, allowing you to experience super-fast speeds with utmost reliability. Another trick to enhance your internet speed is by disconnecting all other devices except for the one that you are going to use for gaming. Doing so would give an instant boost to the performance of your network. You can also improve your gaming speeds by using QoS (Quality of Service) settings. When multiple devices are fighting for your modem’s attention, QOS settings tell your modem which device to prioritize for speeds, enabling you to get the best out of your internet connection.


Which Internet Providers Offer Reliable Speeds for Online Gaming?

Here is a list of internet providers that offer commendable internet speeds for online gaming:

  1. Charter Spectrum
  2. Comcast Xfinity
  3. Frontier Communications
  4. Verizon
  5. CenturyLink
  6. AT&T
  7. Cox Communications

To check out the internet plans by these providers, simply enter your zip code and street address on Local Cable Deals, and the website will display all the available options in your area. Compare the plans and choose the one that perfectly blends with your needs and requirements.


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