YouTuber Rebuilds His PS5 To Less Than An Inch Wide


There will be a PS5 Slim. Not least because the existing PS5 is the size of a Dubai skyscraper, but also because Sony always releases a thinner version of their consoles after a few years. But we’re at least a few years away from that, meaning we need instead to turn toward the modern hero, Matthew Perks, of the YouTube channel DIY Perks. He completed his goal using water pumps, circular saws, and an oven.

Slimmer than the current PS5 perhaps wouldn’t be the biggest challenge. So much of the huge machine’s width comes from the flourishes in its casing, alongside an entirely enormous power supply. Matt’s approach to the project is very ambitious, replacing absolutely anything that risks too far into three-dimensional realms with his own hacked designs.

The Sony-designed PS5 has some pretty sticky-outy heatsinks and other cooling needs. Given just how much temperature the machine pumps out, this was clearly going to be the most important part to substitute. But since water-cooling needs hefty pipes, this led Perks down the most extraordinary way of building his own hand-made water-cooling system between copper sheets.

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