Zigong, The World’s Largest Dinosaur Production Base

Zigong, The World’s Largest Dinosaur Production Base

Zigong is a prefecture-level city and the third largest city in Sichuan province, People’s Republic of China. Lanterns and dinosaurs are the two unique cultural industries of Zigong. The dinosaur industry is divided into two categories: one is the museum’s fossil restoration exhibitions, and the other is enterprise dinosaur productions. According to the incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 200 professional, large or small dinosaur production companies in this city, employing more than 5,000 people. That makes Zigong become the largest production base of artificial dinosaurs in the world. The output value of Zigong’s dinosaurs in 2016 surpassed 80 million US dollars, accounting for 95% of the country’s total and 85% of the world’s total.

Why Zigong’s output value of dinosaur industry accounted for so much?

Here are some reasons.

In China, in the past only a few enterprises in Beijing and Guangdong Province producing artificial dinosaurs. However, they all have now dwindled. Their business is now mostly assigned to the Zigong’s companies, and some simply have the production business in Zigong. Even in enterprises outside Sichuan Province, the design and production staffs are mostly from Zigong.

As for the other countries, there are some enterprises in Japan and the United States also manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs, because these high-end products are mainly used for some science and technology museums. The Quantity is small, so is the output value.

Zigong, The World’s Largest Dinosaur Production Base

And why Zigong become the largest dinosaur production base?

In the 1980s, vast dinosaur fossils were excavated in the Dashanpu Formation, 7 km (4.3 mi) north-east from downtown Zigong, including a dinosaur named after the township, Dashanpusaurus. Because of the unique and intact bone remains, Zigong has ever since been attracting paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts from around the world. In 1987, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum was established, becoming the first specialized dinosaur museum open in Asia.

After that, the related peripheral industries have developed rapidly. In recent years, Zigong dinosaur production industry has made great progress, both the product quality and service are appreciated by many customers. When talking about cooperation with these Zigong dinosaur manufacturers, many customers are very satisfied.

Here are some advantages of Zigong’s dinosaur manufacturers.

These Zigong dinosaur manufacturers have strict requirements for material selection. They use the special and durable steel as dinosaur skeletons to make them maintain good performance for a long time; you do not have to worry too much about corrosion.

In order to make the dinosaur models have more realistic muscle and skin tissue, they are using special fibers, special rubber and high-density sponge, etc., to meet customers’ expectation.

Zigong, The World’s Largest Dinosaur Production Base

For dinosaur statues’ production, they use high-strength fiberglass and some other durable materials. Their performance is quite well.

In addition to the good product quality, Zigong dinosaur manufacturer’s service has also been praised by many customers. Usually, they provide a full range of services. From the first negotiation to the final contract, these manufacturers show their attitude in good faith and establish a good relationship of cooperation with customers. In the backup service, if the client needs the maintenance and repair work for the dinosaur models, these manufacturers can also provide some assistance.

In 2017, ten Zigong’s local production companies were setting up the trade associations, planning the development of industry standards and promoting technological innovation. “We are developing a mobile phone app to control the animatronic dinosaurs and hope to integrate Internet technology into a new phase of industrial development.” Said Jiefeng Zheng, head of Zigong My Dinosaurs Culture and Arts Co., Ltd.

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