Zombie Survival Ammo Lunchbox


Zombie gear is the hottest these days everyone wants to be prepared for the Z Day, Z Nation is now on the TV, It’s not as cool as The Walking Dead but i’m sure it will get there in a season or two. The box is available on Think Geek for only $9.99, and here’s the description they offer up:

The zombies are coming and they’re hungry for your brains. Or maybe that growling is your tummy, and it’s really YOU who are hungry. And not for brains, silly, but for lunch (unless, of course, your lunch involves brains). When you’re hungry like the undead and your stomach threatens to punch your face, what you need to grab is your Zombie Ammo Lunchbox!

Each Zombie Ammo Lunchbox looks like standard issue tactical gear for an official Zombie Emergency Response organization. But open up the top, and it’s ready to hold all your goodies. Use it for your lunch, as a sewing kit, for emergency conventions provisions, and all sorts of other fun things. What do we keep in our Zombie Ammo Lunchbox? Let’s see: sandwich, cheesy poofs, two napkins, and a rocket launcher. Just kidding – the rocket launcher is only a spoon for our pudding cup.

Zombie Survival Ammo Lunchbox

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