ZX Spectrum Computer Inside A Retro Audio Cassette

ZX Spectrum Computer

Raspberry Pi fans and retro gamers will love this amazing ZX Spectrum computer built inside an audiocassette. Its maker Stuart Brand used a Raspberry Pi Zero W to make the retro computer.

Building a tribute to his first computer the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was first released back in 1982. The ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal home computer developed by Sinclair Research and followed on from the launch of the ZX81.

The ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi Cassette retro gaming computer has been featured in this month’s official Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi issue 116 which is out now and available to buy from the store near you or download free from the official Raspberry Pi website.

ZX Spectrum Computer

“I headed to the garage and embraced my inner nerd!” exclaims the maker of the ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi Cassette. “I wouldn’t have had a clue how to build any of this stuff before lockdown. It goes to prove that you never know what you’re capable of until you give it a go. Stuart assembled the ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi build from what he had to hand. He took a sheet of scrap metal and used a bandsaw to fashion a crude shape for what would act as Raspberry Pi Zero W’s heatsink. A Dremel, needle files and fine-grit sandpaper were used to finesse the shape.”

“Prior to this project, Stuart had several retro makes under his belt and had made a tape emulator for an Arduino-based ZX Spectrum +2 that acts like a multi-cart tape. “Putting a whole Spectrum in a tape shell was the next logical step and an interesting challenge,” he says. Being tight for space, he chose Raspberry Pi Zero W. He loves the fact both ZX Spectrum and Raspberry Pi’s ARM processor were developed in Cambridge.“

Source: MagPi

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